What’s it all About?

What’s it all About?


It is about 3D modelling of Tsuyama Castle in the Okayama prefecture in Japan, about the history of the once heavily defense orientated Castle of Mori Tadamasa and to make the Castle come live again in digital form, free for everyone to enjoy as an Avatar in a 3D environment. It’s about the use of virtual worlds for educational, entertaining, reconstruction, design and machinima purposes.

It is about how we build on information freely available on the net. None of us has so far been to where the Castle once stood in Tsuyama. We used Google Earth to get an idea of how the landscape was formed and the use of translation tools to be able to read the many informative websites about Japanese Castles and to explore Tsuyama councils website.

It is about working together even when we are in different parts of the world and speaking different languages.

It is about using technology and the use of Opensimulator.

The Opemsimulator makes it possible to put all this together on our own servers. We use the simulator for design, construction, photography, machinima and The Virtual World.

The Lost Castle is as you can see not only about the Castle itself but also about how we can use 3D environments like this. We hope that when we open The Lost castle virtual world and connect it to the Hypergrid you will come and visit us. Get a feel for life mid 1600 in Japan see how well the defence was planned or try to find your way around the maze of walkways and gates. Find out what weapons ware used and how art, gardens and architecture was important even in war times.