The importance of castle gates is quite obvious, any entry through a stone wall is a weak point. There are three entry point in to “The Lost Castle”. South, West and North East.
South gate is the main entry point  North East entry the smallest,steepest and most narrow entry.
Gates needs to be secure, they need to look intimidating, strong  and give an impression  that when you enter you are in Mori Tadamasa’s estate, his Castle, a place he defends and rules.There are many gates on your way in to the castle. The peripheral gates are large and wide and they have a Yagura above. The Yagura windows used for lookouts, the smaller openings used for firearms and spears The floor has openings in strategic places for dropping stones  or pouring hot oil on intruders. Gate doors are heavy and sometimes clad with iron on the outside face. As you get further inside the castle gates become less wide and the closer to the donjon you get doors and walkways gets even more narrow.

The gate is also symbolic, it is at a dividing point between where you are and your destination and at times can take on religious meaning. Gates albeit strong and built for defence are also ornate and aesthetically pleasing.

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