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The Hiroshige art Gallery

On this day 1858 Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858) one of Japans much-loved artists life ended. Hiroshige travelled Japan and depicted landscape and Japanese life in early 1800. Looking at his art has helped me a lot in understanding some aspects of Japanese culture, art and architecture. Combined with lots of help from Miyoko Solo I now know a precious bit more. I thought it fitting to make a Hiroshige Art Gallery  close to the Main Castle in “The Lost Castle”  The paintings are a random selection, even though Hiroshige lived in the end of the existence of the Tsuyama Castle I think his art is still relevant to our project. If you like to have a look you can HG look for the TP system at your landing spot and TP to Donjon, you find the Art Gallery a few steps to the north. Or spread your wings and fly NE over the Yoshii river and moat, or TP to south bridge and see if you can find your way to the Donjon by foot.


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