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The Lost Castle Christmas New year

Wishing you all a Happy Holiday time. It is a Festive time in The Lost Castle

In Year 1616 I am sure Mori Tadamasa would not have celebrated Christmas but I bet he was happy some 400 years ago to see his Tsuyama Castle town being borne.
For us TLC started purely as a test, us uploading mesh to our test opensimulator. It did not take long for us to fall in love with Tsuyama Castle but to rebuild the existing mesh model “created by Honey” and make it work in Opensim was a big undertaking.

Tsuyama Castle town after you get to know it is a very cleverly designed township it is not only practical, functional it is also beautiful. After Miyoko’s recent trip to Tsuyama we are armed with masses of photos of old stone walls we have found new knowledge to keep us improving on TLC well into 2013. Hope to see you in the future the hypergrid address is you are always welcome. Miyoko and myself wish you a safe and fun ending to 2012 and a Happy 2013

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