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Building a new Donjon Opensimulator and Blender at work.

The lost Castle has a main keep or “The Donjon” It was one of the first buildings we made  and it is a mix of prims, sculpties and for a good measure a few mesh items made it in the end. It was all linked in one overly large  file and every time  you got  close to the building  things started to get a bit sticky.

What about if we build a new one from mesh alone?  Start up Blender and get to work, many triangles later I mean thousands and thousands ,   we have a new Donjon.

A Japanese Castle is a structure with graceful lines, simple and clean. It is a post and beam construction, a multi floor building, sometimes it is hard to make out how many floors a main keep has  but 5 or maybe 6 is about the max. Remember most of the castles  were built late 1500 early 1600 and all built from timber.
Anyhow most Japanese castles also have the most amazing detail work, craftsmanship that has me in total awe.  The many roofs  and its  decorative parts is mind-boggling, if you can capture it right you might be able to present a true feeling of a Japanese Castle.

How is Opensim going to handle detailed mesh work in a big building?

Well so far so good! I can’t tell you any figures yet,  work is not finished.  Please have a look at some of the photos  and if you like to see for yourself you are welcome to Hypergrid in to and have a look. The Lost Castle is in the mid 7500 so reachable from Osgrid. “The Old Donjon” is in the middle of the Castle town and you find the new one in our building region to the north not far away. Have fun Happy Hypergridding!

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