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The Shimafukurou owl a 3D Model.

The shimafukurou is an endangered breed of owl found on Hokkaido in Japan only 130 -150 birds are still alive .
The shimafukurou (or The Blakiston’s Fish Owl) is one of the worlds largest owl, it is an iconic bird that signifies Hokkaido. In the past it inhabited the whole of Hokkaido but now it can only be seen in the eastern areas. Shimafukurou is revered by the Ainu people of Hokkaido, Japan as a Kamuy (divine being) called Kotan koru Kamuy (God that Protects the Village). To understand more how the Shimafukurou is regarded by the Ainu people the short story translated by Deborah Davidson “Where the Silver droplets Fall” might help. The story tells about one bird, young people, newly rich people and newly poor people. You can find part of the story here and in an e-book on Amazon here  The book Tomo was put together after the Fukushima disaster and dedicated to the people in that area.

Tomo was published on March 10, 2012. Proceeds from the sales of Tomo will go to organizations that assist teens in the quake and tsunami hit areas.Tomo, which means friend in Japanese, aims to bring Japan stories to young adult readers worldwide, and in so doing, help support teens in Tohoku

The Shimafukurou feeds on a variety of aquatic prey. The main prey is fish, Some fish these owls catch are quite large, weighing at least as much as the owl itself, a fully mature owl can be more than two-meters from wingtip to wingtip. For an owl, it spends unusual amounts of time on the ground. Sometimes, a trampled out a path along a riverbank is seen as the Shimafukurou uses it for hunting. Shimafukurou are highly territorial.

Miyoko Solo modelled The Shimafukurou to be placed in The Lost Castle and to be part of our 3D world. Two birds are living in the Ukimidou sim one in a special tree fit for a God the other in a more ordinary tree looking for some food near the Ukimidou pavilion. You are welcome to have a look at The lost Castle and Ukimidou, it is possible to Hypregrid from OsGrid by typing the address in the address bar on the world map The Lost castle is in the low 7000 grid so easy to reach from OsGrid. If you do not have an account with OsGrid you can make one free of charge and then explore the many opensim grids from there and of cause The Lost Castle. If you have difficulty in finding us or you like more information please let us know. Happy Hypergridding!!


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