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Megaregions like them or loathe them?

Megaregions alone makes Opensimsulator the number One choice for 3D environments.

CombineContiguousRegions = true this is the magic words in Opensim.Ini startup

Megaregion lets you combine many 256 X 256 meter regions into a seamless larger region. Let me say from the start megaregion is work in progress not everything works 100%. Nevertheless if you take your time, familiarise yourself and understand the few quirks megaregions have you will find your effort well rewarded.

Recently we converted our “The Lost Castle” opensimulator 20 region build to a megaregion and at the same time update to 0.7.4. I will tell how I did this and what worked for me, it might not be the right way but could be a good starting point if you are planning to do something similar.

I start with making an Oar backup of the original 20 regions.

Preparing the new magaregion
Download to server new version of opensimulator 0.7.4
Configure it as a grid with Hypergrid ( or whatever you like)
At this stage the CombineContiguousRegions is still set to = False
In the regions folder I configure the 20 regions starting from the SW corner and finishing in NE corner.
I start-up Robust and Opensimulator
I load all the Oar files starting with SW corner ending up NE
Log in and make sure all items are in place, at this point it is an ordinary non megaregion.
I now close the simulator down
I change CombineContiguousRegions = True
Start simulator wait for it to load
I log in and make sure all items are in place
Log out and in the console give the magic command “fix phantom”

I Now I have another cup of coffee and I watch as the server/simulator is working hard this can take some time depending on the size of your world and capabilities of the server.
You will see plenty of red and yellow
However if the Sun, Moon and other planets lined up in a favorable position you can now log in to a brand new megaregion and enjoy a smooth world.

So why did I not load the world direct in to a megaregion setup? Well when I did that it did not work as well. I had a lot of items missing and the database looked rather messy. I did try that way many times and had no luck. So in desperation I tried this way and it works for me so far. I am not to saying it is the right way only telling how it worked for me. If you need more information please contact me.
(win 2008 R2 server, 4core AMD, 16gb ram)

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